All of our animals must go through a rigorous obedience school. As you can see Chloe is studying hard,Chloe, The Wonder Dog she always has her nose in a book or two. Hot beverages keep her awake when she needs to pull an all-niter, although we watch she doesn’t overdose on caffeine. (we would never give our dog caffeine, it’s just for this story). Chloe’s other names include, Cookie Crumb, Puppy, Baby and Princess, whatever seems fitting at the time. She answers to all of them.

Whereas the colorful one, we call, Phoenix, Velcro, Mr. Bitey and recently Pennywise* has other things in mind. He likes to play hooky daily and chase the dog around the house. He is a rebel for sure. Phoenix loves cuddling with the dog but the dog won’t have anything to do with it, since he bites when he cuddles and rolls onto his back. Oh, I forgot to mention, Sun Conures love to roll around, literally. They easily roll over on to their backs and want scratches, kind of like a dog, but in the process they feel a need to bite pretty hard, maybe they are feeling unstable, I don’t know, but the bites can hurt. This is why we protect the dog from cuddling with the bird. The dog fully agrees. Until we can break the bird of this obnoxious biting, he has a favorite banana toy, we use this toy between the bird and our fingers. Most of the time it works, sometimes he reaches around the banana faster than you can say, OUCH!

We are always very careful when he chases the dog, since his bite can hurt pretty bad, but don’t worry, Chloe can take care of herself, although one of us always stands between the two of them. It’s a sight to see, that’s for sure.

As you can see below, they do get along quite nicely (most of the time). We purchased this bird as a 7 week old baby, he was about 8 weeks old in the pictures below. Chloe is 3 years old and loves her brother, although she has a hard time showing it lol.

See how nice they can be together?

How Chloe takes care of herself. HE did it!










*If you are wondering why the name Pennywise recently came to mind. Sun Conure’s are considered the clowns of the bird world. With his biting, which is also pretty normal for some, I felt Pennywise fit nicely. Sometimes he charges you with his mouth open but then wants to cuddle. 


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