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ADD a 2020 calendar to your images!

What a great gift for any family member or client. Take your favorite image and add a 2020 calendar to it, the recipient will love you for it! It makes an awesome gift for your clients too, as a gift or an upgrade option to one of your packages. Your files must be named specifically, see below.

It’s simple too. Choose the type of calendar you want from the gallery below, choose the correct choice from the drop down box, head on over to your cart and upload your images before checking out. Make sure the image is at least the size of the calendar you chose from the drop down box and set for 300 ppi. Your image must be ready to print. If you need your image edited, please visit our ‘editing‘ link above.

Always consider your image before choosing a set up. See the descriptions below.

Please double check your email for errors before purchasing.


If you are ordering multiple images with different set ups, make your choices from the drop down box, one at a time for the shopping cart. Right now, our file upload box only accepts one image, please use dropbox or we transfer to upload the rest of your files and send the ‘share link’ to the email you will receive after your purchase.


First name initial, full last name, followed by the ‘set up’ letter of your calendar choice.

Example: JSmith_A.jpg or  jSmith_A.jpg or j_smith_A.jpg. Please do not use periods, other than before the file extension. Use an underscore or dash instead to separate words.

DO NOT leave spaces in file names.

Calendars are best used on 11×14 image sizes are larger.

Set up A: Great for images with a lot of empty space or as an overlay, for horizontal or vertical images.

Set up A with a solid color bottom: Same as set up A above but with a solid color background. White works great for some images but a darker color may be used for darker images, if you prefer.

Set up B: Best for pano images as a transparent or with a solid color background.

Set up C: Good for horizontal or vertical images as a transparent overlay, no solid background.

Set up D: Best for Vertical images with empty spaces on left or right side.

Set up E: Same as Set up D above.

Set up F: Best for horizontal images as a transparent with no solid background. Each month sits in it’s own white or black box (depending on your image color)

Set up G: Specifically for advertisement or clients. After your purchase is made and you receive your confirmation email, you may reply with your business information.

Below the month of December is a small copyright, this could be your name or your business, not your logo. After your purchase is made and you receive your confirmation email, you may reply with your copyright info.


Once the larger finished digital image is sent, there are no refunds. If a problem occurs we will do everything in our power to make it right. We only want happy customers!

The images used are your own, you maintain all copyright and may print as many copies as you wish.

All calendars are designed by Alexa Studios, you have full rights to print as many copies as you wish and distribute anyway you see fit.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Click an image below to open the gallery.