Water Dryad model: Samantha Behlog Poet:: Carter Davis

Water Dryad
model: Samantha Behlog
Poet:: Carter Davis

Deep within the uncharted valley,
Lost in the mountains of the Northern Range,
A crystalline stream beckons-
Water, cold and clear, sweet to taste,
Blazes in the light of the morning sun.
Lost in the enchanting beauty
The sound of cascading water echoes
And the compelling stream leads me deeper
Into the mysterious valley time has forgotten;
Entering a clearing awe by the emerald foliage
I gaze upon a shimmering pool of water,
As the roar of the falls pulls my eyes away
The mystical vision steals my breath-
Stratums of granite, worn down by ages,
Structured steps leading to withering highs.
As I gaze upon this grandeur,
A slight movement draws my eyes to the
Edge of the falls, freezing I stare in disbelief,
There in the glow of the cascade stands
A gorgeous creature of myth and legend.
In the glistening rays of moonbeams
With flowing movements– sensual, erotic
And maddening to mortal man;
A slight smile on dark lush lips
She casts an ephemeral glance striking
A seductive pose as cascading
Water flows over and around eluding
This mystical creature, whose beauty is
Lethal to all eyes gazing upon her.
A whisper drifts above the roar of the falls,
The soft seductive voice beckoning me
To the coolness of the crystal spray;
Impulsively my hand reaches to the maiden
As I step into the shimmering pool
Stripped of all human sanity aware, only
This creature of beauty and sensuality
Has crafted my doom.

©Carter Davis




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