Alexa Studios - Ozone clean studio

During Covid-19, and if it ever ends, we will continue to clean our studio between each session. We will only book one session a day and beyond normal cleaning, we run an ozone machine overnight. Ozone machines are great for getting rid of viruses, odors, molds, etc.

Some may think ozone machines are dangerous and out dated but indeed, they are not. If you learn how to use one properly, you will be amazed as to how great they really work and for so many reasons. No one should stay in a room with an ozone machine running and only enter after it’s been shut down for about half an hour, at least. Never run it with animals or humans in the same room. For that, you can use an ionizer machine for short periods of time.

Since our studio is shut off from the house, we are able to run the ozone machine while still being in the main house. It is run overnight for about 6 hours. The air smells so clean the next day!

As I mentioned, I have used it for many reasons. Recently, I purchased a beautiful red velvet antique chair, perfect condition but it had a very dusty smell to it. Since I am allergic to dust, I needed to find a way to clean it without ruining it. I set the chair in the studio, away from everyone, closed the doors and ran the ozone machine for 4 nights in a row. 90% of the dust smell was gone. It now sits in the living room with pride.

It’s also a great machine to use for new construction or to help remove the chemical smells from new carpets or furniture. Not to mention the great job it did in the basement.

So feel safe and book your appointment now!



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