Prints or CD’s?

Prints or CD’s? I know, this topic has been beat to death already but here is my take on it and a good read for both sides. The idea of purchasing CD’s may sound attractive to many, maybe because of price or maybe because you think ‘haha I have...

I have a model, now what do I do?

Photographers use models often and for numerous reasons. 1. The photographer wants to try a new technique. New techniques should never be tested on your clients. 2. The photographer wants to practice something they are struggling with. 3. The photographer had a brilliant idea for a shoot and needed...

Decide on Prints or CD’s

Are you debating whether you, as a photographer, should offer free or low cost CD’s with high resolution images or, as a client, only looking for photographers who offer this option? Read more

Happy New Year!

Alexa Studios wishes everyone a very Happy New Year for 2013. We have some new things to share with everyone this year and some great ideas for our studio, so stayed tuned. Let’s all make this the best year ever!